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What Type Of Paint Should I Get?


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i'm about to repaint the series 3 (oh i hate that blue) and i'm looking for something easy to put on (brush/roller) and preferably not too glossy.

It's gonna be used a lot going through bushes, trees and the odd wall :( so i want something hard wearing.

the expert in the shop suggests tractor enamel

do you concur?

[note: don't want a military paint - might get shot at!]

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enamel is a tough paint, but it can chip easily, i painted my defender with sand army paint, and used enamel on the chequer plate bits and pieces, the army paint once its dryed properly, is very hard wearing.

i used a furry roller to apply my paint, which has the added bonus of leaving the defender soft and fluffy, for those cold winter nights....


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My 110 has had Celebration Red Gloss on it for the last 5 years, if its polished it still comes up nicely.

Cheap to retouch if you need to, gloss is flexible enough to apply to wood so it stands to reason its good on bendy Land Rover bodywork.

I painted the Mini in International Poppy Red garage door enamel last week and its horribly orange now :(

Will :)

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no, you're not listening :angry: i don't want mil colours or shiny stuff, just want to know which is the hardest wearing of the paints so i can bounce my wee landy off the the walls, i don't mind the odd dent or 3 but don't want big scrapes down the side showing that 'orrible blue <_<

so is it enamel and if so which type of enamel, i never know paint could be so confusing :wacko:

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