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Mini Tech - One way to Mount an X Anchor

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Thought I would post this up.

A simple and easy way to fit one the the very exellent X Anchors (IMHO) where it intrudes

the least, and doesn't pose some frightening "Non Pedestrian" friendy" Prong thing which

I see many have mounted on front bumpers etc...

Fine for a non road legal LR, erm I am not so sure where the blade of the X Anchor

has impladed / sliced off / someone in half / etc.....

So, having bought one from Si (ta :D ) I spent "A While" walking around / in / over the truck

looking for 'sensible' and safe options, esp as I wnat it on there ALL the time, and not

just for those days when I remmeber to take it, it WILL be a day I forget to take it that it will be needed.

So, starring at it got me one idea, but an off the cuff remark from Steve at KAM gave me another option, and

thats where its ended up. (ta Steve)

To "Remove it" for use is just 2 wing nuts :)

So, you'll need a long bolt (12mm x 100mm In my case) and a second erm "slightly Bigger bolt" erm.........

in my case M30 :lol: some washers, and wing nuts, now you can get M30 wing nuts - but not without a 2nd mortgage

so I just machined a M30 nut about and made wings and made my own "Wing M30 Nut"

The X Anchor now has has one small hole drilled at the corner of the gusset (M12) and this picks up on my MSA

Approved removable back stay, I used the biggest wing nut I had (M20) and Tig welded (I need all the practise I can get :rofl: )

the M12 nut to its base, this gives a biggest wing nut to grip on so as to be able to undo, a spring washer

is mounted behind wing nut

On the base the M30 bolt was machined a bit, tig welded to a big washer made to spread the load, (god I do so need

the practise :lol: ) - plus another washer has had a HUGE 30mm spring washer tiged to it (more tig practise - still just

above the laughably poor to C**p level - I am improving :P ) so as to have it not rattle,

Then the Home Made wing nut, shaft, washers and X Anchor where done up tight, and the wing nut and bolt drilled

through so a large R Clip holds it in place. Welded onto base of rollcage and there it is - bit of paint and job done :)

A HFH X Anchor Mounting :D

Easy to do, cheap (in my case Nothing - doesn't everyone have things like M30 bolts kicking about :P )

safe, quick and simple to get to, and for security a padlock through the base drilled bolt would be a

good idea, so will be getting me one of them :)

post-22-083222400 1286720052_thumb.jpg post-22-078054500 1286720097_thumb.jpg post-22-065856100 1286720109_thumb.jpg

post-22-008888300 1286720169_thumb.jpg post-22-010962700 1286720182_thumb.jpg post-22-048709200 1286720195_thumb.jpg

post-22-089811500 1286720207_thumb.jpg post-22-012151900 1286720219_thumb.jpg post-22-024809600 1286720231_thumb.jpg

post-22-005231100 1286720243_thumb.jpg post-22-018220900 1286720256_thumb.jpg

Home this helps others


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I like your mounting position, as you say, less leathal to other road users!

I am wondering if quick fists would be another alternative :ph34r: Did you consider these? I use them for holding my shovel and like them a lot.

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Cool, I see Hi-Lifts held on roof racks with quick fists and think that can't be a good idea!

Love the homemade wing nuts - the list of things you can do once you have a welder is endless :lol: might give something similar a go for my waffle boards.

Cheers, Martin

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Just as an alternative, here is how we mounted it in the back of Orange's 90. The Clamps are Thomas Scaffolding clamps, but are avaialble from x-eng I believe. The high lift Jack was already mounted accross the load bay, behind the waffles, so the ground anchor clamps are bolted through the high lift. Generally, we never use the high lift, so it is not an inconvienient place to keep it.

post-92-059787800 1286874288_thumb.jpg

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Nice work, but a couple of comments, coming from the guy that ends up dealing with these bits of kit (ie co-driver/winch biatch)...

- Big wing nuts are a very good idea, but are also easy to lose or drop when the truck is at a silly angle or your hands are covered in mud - maybe worth investigating if you can somehow make them captive, or on a put a chain or wire with a clip on through the wing so that they can be easilty stowed? On Orange's truck above, we have a spring under the wing nut - in competitions, we loosen them off so that the clamp is still held closed, but can be slid open without undoing the wing nuts at all.

- I was under the impression that you are planning to go down the route of a centre winch as well... won't the blade of the anchor cause you some potentially nasty rope chaffing if you were to use the centre winch in that direction?

Just curious ;)


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Thats neat :)

Unsure if with the more traditional styas off the cage if it would go in, sadly

I seem to always find a lack of room in the 90 be it Hardtop or Truck Cab :lol: ?

As to centre winch (sometime oneday somehow) I have a cunning plan and think it will be fine re not using the 'X Plasma-Slicer' unit :D


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Nige, you're doin' it wrong - everyone knows you should mount ground anchors across the front bumper, slightly overhanging one end, with the blade at pedestrian head-height. Not only is it convenient and safe, it does wonders for the image of off-roaders.

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