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Latching relays& TD5 mom switches


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I've just wired up some work lights (2 x 100W), driven by a relay and wired up a temporary switch on the dash.

The plan was to get some genuine TD5 fog light switches to drive the relay, but I've just realised that all the switches (apart from the hazard light switch) are of the MOM type - so, I need a latching relay, which I have not used before.

Do they all operate in the same manner - alternating between 2 states when energized? I assume that I can drive the warning light on the switch from it?

They're pretty expensive!! £18 from VWP :(

I also saw minature relay on Ebay. There's no amp rating*, but could I use it to drive my existing relay (on the low current side) in a latching manner? :huh:

Edited to add - *So according to maplin, that type of minature relay is rated at 2A

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I used a rear demister switch and swopped the "face" of the switch, for my extra lights

Not what you were asking for I know, but thought it may be of use.


Interesting - I take it that the demister is not a mom button then? Where did you get the other face from?

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I have some extra td5 switches will swap for the seat handle you gave me :D

I was going to use the headlight alignment switch so I could select just spots, with headlights or off all together??

Good man vinny. :i-m_so_happy:

(I was hoping to find a 3 position switch to occupy the window lift position, to do the same thing, when I get the spots on.)

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