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steering pump pipe fabrication

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(also posted in tools and fabs just in case)


Just getting to the stage were we are looking at the steering on my rebuilt 90 and have discovered that the steering pump is slightly different from the one fitted to the old chassis the thing is the pipe to the steering box from the pump is very taught and I was wondering if their is a kit to enable me to make a longer flerxible pipe and if so does anyone know who sels em,

Pirtek is just up the road from here and they sell the pipe but I dont know if fabricating a pipe is the sort of job you can do in a home workshop.

let me know if anyone else has got round this and how you did it.


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Easiest to get Pirtek etc. to properly swage a pipe up for you - you don't want to mess with high-pressure hydraulic fluid. Shouldn't cost a lot, I got a set of two made up for £25 ish.

You can get hydraulic fittings & hose you can put the ends on yourself with jubbly clips if you want to do it that way, but make sure you get the proper stuff for the pressure - again, Pirtek should be able to advise/supply.

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That seems to be the easiest way.

Thanks for the replies

just make sure when you lift the hoses from the steering box you save the 'O' ring seals for each hose connection.

if the PAS reservior is the brown ZF version, swap that across to, means 2 less hos connections to fiddle with.

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