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Turn (signal) lights and hazard light don't work


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Hello. My TD5 which drowned last year was up and running after I finally replaced my ECU a second time. I have been using it for about 9 months now. Last month the turn lights and the the hazard lights went out. After a couple of days the hazard light came on for a few seconds then died out again. It's been a month since.

I read somewhere that the hazard lights are connected to a relay. If so, it might be the relay but I can't seem to find it's location.

Of course it could also be the hazard switch. But because of my car's flooding it could be grounded wires.

Can anyone offer a suggestion which repair I should try first?



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The signaling lights are controlled by 2 relays. they are in the fuse box under the steering wheel. More information would help to better direct you.

1) Do the signal light turn on even for a short while?

2) Do you here a click from the in cab fuse box?

Please describe the symptoms.


I had a similar problem only one side worked.

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Thank you all for the tips and the links.

Today I worked on my Turn indicator lights.

I connected the purple supply terminal to the left and right indicator terminals and as described the left or right indicator lights stayed on without flashing.

I tried to connect purple terminal to white with green trace flasher terminal and nothing happened.

Am I supposed to attach purple terminal to left or right terminals at the same time as the purple to flasher terminal?

Can I rule out hazard switch as being defective?

Thanks everyone.

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