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Question about Series III heater


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I have an '80 series 3, and am sort of confused. Do I have a smith's heater? I'm looking for a blower motor for left hand drive. Thought about trying to modify my right hand drive one, but mine is rusted so that's a no-go. Found an overpriced blower motor on a US website, says it's a series 3 "smiths" blower motor, wasn't sure if that was the right one or not. Can anyone recommend a place to find one? I check ebay etc. occasionally but haven't had luck yet. Thanks

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Given that it's just a 12v electric motor, I'd have thought a wander round a junkyard, flea market, or eBay, with a tape measure would find you something suitable. Unless you're really worried about originality, in which case phone Blanchards and bend over :ph34r:

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