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straight through exhaust ?????

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hi all i would like to put a straight through exhaust on my 90 2.5td and have the tail pipe out of the passenger side rear quater just behind the door

but the question i have is, will the power still be the same with all the boxes removed or will this just cause it to be slugish and have no power ?

any help would be apreciated thanks dan :)

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T304 stainless de-cat pipe and a straight through system. All available from good sources, 5Alive, IRB, B.A.S etc. Give them a call or look up on the web. Easy to find. All are worth talking to and will advise if you are going OTT. Good luck :)


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I put the straight through centre section on my 200tdi Def90( removes x2 Silencers) I honestly can't tell if there is any improvement in response/power - but it does sound a little more potent.

Backbox off and a side exit through rear wing 1/4 methinks....

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