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What do I need to fit this??


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i fitted mine using the exisitng gaskets no problems, i suggest 6(?) new nuts and bolts mine were corroded on but then your is newer so should be less problems. i didnt use any sealant.

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You might need a cone-shaped collar to connect sections and to get a gas tight seal. It depends on the ends of the exhaust, which aren't clear in your picture. Standard L/R collars are quite wide and add about an inch at either end to the length of the system. Looks a bit messy too, so when I made the system for catflap I used Jaguar ones, which are solid and thinner - while still fitting the profile of the pipe ends that I had fitted. The reason being that the added length was only a few mm, and the whole thing looked a lot tidier. Take the pipe to any exhaust place and they will match up a suitable sealing collar for you. Fire gum or gun gum are both excellent exhaust sealants - the former for new, close seals, and the latter for larger gaps.

If you are going to use the pipe joint to change direction of the exhaust, rather than putting a bend in the pipe - the jaguar ones are not suitable for this as they leave little room for pipe deviation at the joint.

Les. :)

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