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D2 Bumpers


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Finally got my front bumper fitted and must say I'm pretty pleased with it. 14 years since I last used a welder I reckon all in all It turned out well.

For me, using the vehicle in club trials as I do, it was important to maximise approach angles, but I didn't want a bumper that stuck out a mile either.

post-12723-077177300 1291201466_thumb.jpg

post-12723-014850200 1291201496_thumb.jpg

post-12723-012745900 1291201505_thumb.jpg

Overall I spent not much more than £60 on steel and that was for the front and rear bumper.

The rear bumper has been on a while now and taken loads of hits during club trials (usally a failed climb leaves me sitting on it!). There will be metal a tow socket going in it and teh towbar will be getting lifted/changed for a receiver type hitch. At least the rear bumper lights don't get smashed in the mud now! Exhaust backbox now gone also, rear quarters to be trimmed and side exit exhaust made.

post-12723-053368800 1291201643_thumb.jpg

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Thanks, it was the look and size I was hoping to acheive :)

No winch going on. If I do go for a winch in the future (which I doubt) it would be a receiver mounted winch. I can add a square receiver tube and extra brace in the bumper then if required. As I say, don't think a winch is a requirement for me to be honest (managed 2 years without one).

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Looks really tidy, top job!

Just a quick comment/suggestion about the tow socket, how about mounting in the rear door? I (and a friend of mine) have put it there after fitting removable tow bars. It keeps it out of harms way and stops the back of it getting rammed full of mud and the connections out of muddy water.

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Good idea about the tow socket. I'll have a think on before I fit it.

I might consider making a few more of these up, I need to work out a "slicker" way of making them, which I think I might have. The prototype always takes longer doesn't it? Also I think 5mm would be plenty, I've made this front out of 6mm. Well, it aint gonna break :lol:

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