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Head Gasket


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Did you get it skimmed Geoff? I have some small experience with heads at present! :angry:

Composite or shim steel gasket?

I understand that as a second gasket it's preferable to use a composite.

Les. :)

To the best of my knowledge it's the original gasket (tin) - this isn't the lump I did the gaskets on last year, it's the 3.5 we fitted after the 3.9 destroyed itself. Guess it's done something in the region of 115k now, so it's getting to that age. I'd bargained on getting a bit longer than this out of it, though :(

Ah, well. I'm leaving her for a disco at the weekend...

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Composite is the way to go.

Helps "Seal" where maybe things are not perect, but heads and block need to be very clean and without scores or damage, if there is then a skim will be required.

But, a comp gasket can do it where a tin one gives up....

Also head bolts, need to be bolted in and torgued down in the right orders and torque, as do the inlet manifiold bolts which many are unaware of...

I can post Diagrams for both if yer need, also use the later black valley gasket (needs different ends too) rather than tin one, and run antifreeze up at around 40-50%



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I've got the cylinder head bolt order, don't think I've ever seen one for the inlet manifold?

I won't bother fixing this engine anyway - I'll either get rid of the truck or lay her up and start work on rebuilding the 3.9. Haven't decided yet.

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If you followed the manual to the letter then that is why it's blown again!

Don't tighten the outermost set of bolts beyond 10-12 lbft or the heads tilt due to the uneven bolt positions

See my second post...this isn't the engine I did the gaskets on (the timing gear went on that one...is it something about me and RV8s?).

I got the bit about the third row bolts when I did that one - just managed to shear a head bolt off trying to reuse the old ones :rolleyes:

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