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Highway Code OT


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OK we can all make mistakes whilst driving but some people seem to think that te highway code has been abandoned. I certainly get the impression it no longer applies to certain road users.

Want to park in a busy suburban during rush hour? Theres that special reserved spot for you. Its nicely marked with double yellow line on kerb side and has a big yellow parking bay for you with a shelter for people to keep out of the rain.

Then there are those parking places marked with a big yellow & sort of symbol. Have to be careful that dont hit the front of car against the wall so leave car stradling the end. It doesnt matter that people cant drive pass the end of my car.

Why do some people have blue flashing lights on the cars and blare out loud horrible repetitive 'music' They seem to have the opinion I shold get out of their way. No one am I going to be bullied to get out of their way!!!

A que for traffic lights? Well I am to important to wait in that que so someone has marked out a special lane for me. It has all these solid white hatching lines on. Now I know why I pay council tax, its so the nice council make out these special overtaking lanes for me. Now these white bollards with a blue circl on and a white arrow pointing to the stationary traffic. Well thats only for mere mortals. I can use the mpty road to the iht of it. Thank you Mr Councillor

Has the Highway code been officially abandoned or what



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Has the Highway code been officially abandoned or what

Not abandoned... I had heard from a friend if you buy certain brands of German cars then you get a nice little certificate telling you that you can just ignore all those silly rules.

Strange, you get something expensive like that... but indicators are optional extras. :huh:


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Cyclist going the wrong way round a busy city roundabout the other day clearly had a different highway code to the rest of us. (or a death wish).

Saw a car overshoot its turn off on the Leeds ring road.

Was too far to go around the roundabout so he just put his car into reverse!!!!



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