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Reverse V8 plenum

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If it's only the AFM that's causing the problem then can you not just extend the connecting pipe between AFM & the plenum which would allow more flexablilty in where the AFM was situated?

I can't see there would be any problems in turing the plenum through 180 degrees.

It would mean finding some way of getting the thottle cable to run right round the engine onto, what would be, the front of the plenum, you may have to extend the wiring for some of the sensors and the fuel pipe upto the cold start injector. But theres nothing really problematic as far as I can see. ;)

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You dont want to lengthen the pipe between the AFM and the plenium casue it does all sorts of strange things to the running. Its ok to shorten them however.


I had and still have my Plenum reversed. When i was running an AFM i ran a longer pipe betwixt AFM and Plenum.

I had no side effects.


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