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Another Indicator Hazards Problem

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I have a 300TDi 90 which has developed a very odd indicator/hazards problem.

With hazards on:

the following work:

- Right front indicator

- Right side repeater

- Right rear indicator

- Left Rear inidcator

the following do not work:

- Left front indicator

- Left side repeater

With indicator stalk switched to indicate a right turn, Right hand indicator, right side repeater and right rear indicator all work, facscia indicator light flashes normally

With indicator stalk switched to indicate a left turn, left hand indicator, left side repeater work. The left rear indicator does not work, and the facscia indicator light flashes at double speed

So one way or another I can get all four indicators and both side repeaters to light up - no bulb or obvious earth problems, and the right hand side works normally. The left side however is wierd. Left front indicator and side repeater work on indicator, but not on hazards. The left rear works on hazards but not on indicator.

These symptoms are clear and repeatable, so not obviously an intermittent loose connection.

I do have a trailer pickup which I have not been able to test.

I am not clear exactly what the indicator warning light flashing at double speed is telling me.

I was messing around with the fascia and passenger compartment fuse box at the weekend so may well have disturbed something.

I have looked on the forum, the indicators/hazard technical archive and the diagrams in Rave with no obvious clue as to where the problem might be.

What really puzzles me is that the circuit diagram shows that all the lights on one side are powered by a common feed from the header joint K109, so I cannot see how the front lights on the left hand side can work on indicators without the rear on that side working, and likewise how the rear on the left hand side can work on hazards without the fronts on that side working.

Apologies for this being somewhat long winded, but all help gratefully received.



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hi can someone tell me where to find the earths for the indicators

all the earths are bolted to the inner wing on both sides if u take off your wheel spat and look up at the front of the wing u will see them

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I have an 83 110 body on a 93 chassis - the electrics are always playing up! I find that a long wire running from the battery negative terminal is really useful for sorting out earthing problems. Just attach it to what is supposed to be the earthing terminal on the light in question (I use a crocodile clip - I nicked my multimeter from school when I was a nipper!) It also provides you with a bulletproof earth to measure p.d. against.



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