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Britpart 9500i Winch

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Evening Guys,

Bought my self a Britpart (yes, I know) 9500i winch and bumper a few weeks back.

I managed to fit the bumper at the weekend, and have given it a few coats of paint.

I started to stip down the winch tonight to clean it up a little and to get a few bits powder coated at work tomorrow.

Hoping to get it fitted at the weekend!

I was wondering if anyone was running one of these, and if they could give me infomation on where the coloured wires go - (yellow, red (alot longer than the others '+ battery'?), green, and either pink or red again.) and if im going to need anything else to get it working.

Below should be a few pictures, just incase its the same as other winches out there so maybe more people could help.

Thanks in advance! :)




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long red thick cable will be 12v from battery positive

the other 3 should be fairly easy to sort, as looking at your photo, they look just long enough to reach 3 motor terminals.

photo on this link might help with motor connections http://www.britpart.com/Accessory.asp?PageRef=4&AccessoryRef=868&AccessoryVehicleRef=

only other option is contact Britpart for a replacement operators manual/connection instructions.

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Nice one.

Your right about the wire length, but I would rather have a diagram, or someone to get a pic/advice on there setup rather than just assuming where they go due to there length.

May give Britpart an e-mail to see if they can sort me out! Thanks :)

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If you have a multimeter, it's a 5 minute job to sort out what's what.

The terminals on the motor are F1 and F2 (both ends of the Field winding, together on the left in your pic), and A (one end of the armature winding, alone, to the right)

When you activate either the 'in' or 'out' set of contacts, you will get continuity between the supply wire (long one) and one of the others. That will be an F. Activate the solenoid(s) the other way, and you'll get continuity to the other F. The one left over will be A.

If you wire the Fs up and the motor spins the wrong way, reverse them, or your switches.

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In one of the pictures it looks as if, if you take out the for cap head screws out (I see you already have an allen key in one of them) you can lift off the top cover or at least to one side to see where the wires go on the solenoid, as I'm guessing the solenoids in the top housing.


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Firstly, apologies for reviving such an old thread.

A friend produced his Defender yesterday with one of these 9500i winches fitted to it which appears to have a fault.  Before I dive in, can someone please confirm that:

1/ The -ve side of the Field coil s via the chassis and this expalins why there is not thick black wire in evidence?

2/  Going on from LandyManLuke's post, that the action of the 'in' and 'out' controller is to switch the +12V main feed from the battery to either one of the motor's Field terminals (green or yellow) to effect 'forward' and 'reverse' and so implying that there is a separate 'forward' and 'reverse' Field coil where both coils have a common -ve side connected (as above) to the chassis?

3/ Lastly, that the -ve end of the Armature coil also is connected to the chassis, again, hence no -ve connection terminal?

BTW, I can confirm that (referring to the OP's 4th photo) that:

Motor terminal top left = thick yellow

Motor terminal top right = thick red

Motor terminal bottom left = thick green

Motor terminal bottom right = thin black  (Or, that's how its wired on this one!).

Thanks very much.


 Britpart 9500i winch solenoid wiriing Buttrick2.jpg

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