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I think my transmission is giving up the ghost


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The transmission in my series 3 has began making some very serious noises the past few days, to the point it actually feels that the trans is slipping, the road noise is totally different from the usual.

The noises started as a clicking, then gradually to a scrapping and now like a piece of metal is moving about. I actually thought that it was the release bearing, as I was getting most of the harsh noise when I engages the clutch.

But after seperating the trans from the motor this morning, removed the pressure plate, clutch disc and release bearing, I can now say that it wasn't that! :angry:

I noticed that the output shaft from the trans moves around alot in the sleeve that it comes out of, is this normal?

It looks like I'll be removing the entire transmission tomorrow, which I DON'T want to do! I don't really have the proper equipment and my friends are on holidays, leaving the entire job to myself.

PLUS the real kick in the nuts is that I'm planning to go to the Danish Land Rover Club 30th anni. meet on the 23rd. (I hope that they give refunds)

Any suggestions, as to what could be causing my problems? or advice?



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a certain amount of wobble in the input shaft is normal, its held central by the spigot bush in the end of the crank when in situ.

bearings in the g/box or t/box by the sounds of it, hard to diagnose without hearing it

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Just checking in the parts manual, I just need parts : 528701, RTC1412, 1645, 6397, right?

I have a series 2 tranfercase I've been planning for a while to install, which is perfect in all regards, its tight as drum and works perfectly (2.888 low). Plus I have all the seals and a new syncro mesh gear for between 1 - 2.

So, I have a few things to get cracking with, if I plan to get to Denmark.

If they are just the bearing I need, I'll be placing a rush order tomorrow. ;)

Oh, a clutch kit has already been ordered. If there is anything else, you think should replaced, at this time, please let me know.

Many thanks, for your advice.


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From past experiences with these I'd strip the box, work out what the problem is and replace parts as required. Theres not alot to go wrong with the transfer box to be honest. Check and replace bearings, replace intermediate gear shims, and also check the shaft the intermediate gear runs on. The surface breaks up and casues the box to whine. Output seals are always worth doing. I've thinned down 2 seals and now run 2 seals in each output on mine and so far its (finally!) stopped the leaks.

Alot more to go wrong with the main box however. I've had it where the input shaft bearing has broken up and bits have got muched between all the gears. At the very least I suggest you replace the 2 bearings in the back of the bellhousing, plus the rear mainshaft bearing and oil seal. The other roller bearings tend not to need changing as a matter of course. Otherwise does it crunch or jump out of any gears?

Series boxes are easy to fix and the bits are cheap and easily available.

Part numbers depend on your gearbox number, or more importantly the suffix which will be either A,B, C or possibly (but unlikely D).



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I finally gotten the transmission out of the landy today. I have a Designa galvanized frame, which apparently has a removable crossmember.

I say "apparently", because the buggers dipped the frame with the crossmember installed, including the 4 bolts!! Several hours with the Dremel, a rather large hammer, skinned nuckles, the crossmember is finally out.

The transmission is in the garage, and just starting to strip it down. Maybe another hour in the garge today, then I'm off to work.

I can't see me ordering any parts til the earliest, tomorrow and I absolutely can not see the thing being together for Denmark! That thoroughly gets under my skin! Well we'll be taking the Disco instead, but I promised the wife when we bought it, I won't drive it like I do the hybrid. So, it'll be just green laning this year.

I'll let you guys know how it looks/turns out tomorrow.


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HAHAHAHA, I'll get on that bolt right away!

Since tearing it apart, I've decided to replace the bearings and the seals. The transmission has been hopping out of 2nd for some time now, so a new syncro mesh is going in and a clutch kit was already ordered, so that should see 'er through a few more years.

Now I finally have the excuse or time to get that series 2 transfer case hooked up to.

If every thing goes as planned (delivery times are for Tuesday) I should have it all back together by Wednesday. Crossed fingers!


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If its been popping out of second, you need to replace the 1st/2nd synchro as you suggest, but also look very closely at the 2nd speed gear as the teeth on this that the synchro engage onto wear badly. It'd be a shame to replace the synchro only to find it doesnt fix the problem casue the 2nd gear is worn! When I had this problem I had to replace both the synchro and the 2nd speed gear. They're not a huge amount of money.

Remember to put some threadlock on that bolt!



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Hej guys,

A more thorough examination this morning revealed a few more surprises.

First, the syncro mesh for 3 and 4 -->


Looking carefully, you'll see that 2 of the syncro springs are missing! I've changed the oil in the transmission two times, in the past 3 years and never had any metal parts or pieces fall out. Actually, yesterday, the oil was clean of shavings or anything of the likes. SO, where the h€ll are those 2 springs?

Plus, the syncro gear teeth in the center ( no picture ) are excessively worn, but I've never had any problems with the higher gears. Luckily, I have an extra here, so this one is a goner!


Jon, you were bang on the money mate,


Not just 2nd, but both first and second, the syncro teeth are excessively worn. Thanks for pointing that out!

A third order was placed this morning, they guys as Exeter 4x4, well, I'm keeping them busy! :D The third order will be here on Wednesday. Will she be ready for Sunday? :huh:

BTW, there are signs every wheres that some flipping monkey had that transmission apart, what a hacker! It really surprises me, how it kept going, in the state that it's in. The good thing now, is that it'll be done right and good for many years.


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The 3rd/4th synchro springs are a known weak point. Box will work with only 1, but when they break can jam box in 2nd. They usually get chewed up by the gears so seldom come out with the oil intact! May have failed years ago...

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