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RR V8 Twin Turbo manifolds

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Im currently building a TT of my own design using T25 turbos and a fabricated exhaust manifold as the Janspeed Twin turbo design was not built for EFi (turbo too close to the plenum)

I thought of using 3.9 V8 "twin" cast manifolds (4>2) then take manifold forward and up to meet the Turbo(s) in front of the front cover.

Do you think this will be ok?

I know that the studs wont support the Turbos on there own so a bracket wil be needed.

Just to let you know of the plans so far............

3.9 V8 (if I find a bigger CC one I will use that)

Buick 300 heads (cast steel, big valves!!)

2 x garrett T25 Turbo chargers with waste gates

Twin "apposing" plenum (inlet each side)

2 x Intercoolers (300TDi so far!)


EDS (using Montego coils)

Electric water pump

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Have you considered the DIY kit form tubular manifolds? You basically get the flanges that bolt onto the engine, and then a load of tubing and bends to cut to whatever length/shape you want and then weld it all up so it can pretty much go wherever you want it to!


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