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Front Windscreen Washer Pump Problem

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Hi there

I have a Landrover Defender (N Reg). The problem I have is with the front windscreen washer. I have had the water bottle washed, the tubes blown through with an airline, and the pump sounds like its working. The problem is that at the point were the water comes out of the pump onto the windscreen it comes out as a pathetic trinkle, never gets any better than this.

Any ideas on what is wrong with it.....maybe I need a new pump?

Thanks a lot!

Jayne <_<

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Probably the jet blocked, bit of a pain trying to remove it from bulkhead however. If u can get access to an airline try a squirt down the jets, or very fine wire (fuse wire, remember that?). To check pump is working, pull the hose off it and press the switch, should give a powerful squirt. Should squirt a good 6ft or over to the other side on the engine bay! :D

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One little tip my dad told me 30-years ago and one which I still use today.

Stick a pin stuck into the edge of the sun-visor for adjusting & cleaning the jets, it is strong but thin enough to move the jets even when they are stuck. The most important thing is that it is always there and will never get lost.

I would have thought a paper-clip was a bit thick for adjusting the nozzles or is that for clearing the pipe?

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I've had this problem before - it turned out to be a section of the hose trapped between two bits of dash and pinching the hose. You should be able to see if yours is trapped by pulling the top dash rail off and examining the hose run.

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