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Light bar RRC where available?


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I'm looking for a lightbar for my RRC. Friend of mine bought one on Billing last year, myself didn't have any more money to spend then. So thought I buy one this year. Sadly I wasn't able to attend this year. So asked a friend of mine who was going to go and find one and bring it with him. But he said they weren't there this year. So does anybody know who does this kind lightbars. And is willing to ship them.


Looking for the RRC version , this one has a different bend then the Disco one. But you get the idea.

Thanx for the help!

Cheers Bowy

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mines from greenlane4x4 too. i found them on eblag, didnt realise they had a site. i can never find a damn thing online so have a chum who searches for me :D

Looks like the thing I want, the greenlane thing.

Do you have any pics of it fitted to a RRC andy, because the RRC has a different roof shap then a disco I think.

Any more suppliers? Because I spoke to them today and they told me shipping to here is 40 quid!!!! Which is a bit steep I think. (ordered a complete set of springs and 8 shocks last week from the UK and only paid 10 quid shipping........)

Maybe I then have to fab one myself. Because for 130 quid that shouldn't be a problem (the price on the site is incorrect, they are now 90,- )

Cheers Bowy

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When I bought mine (disco), I bought a RR one as well and the two were indistinguishable - the only difference is that the RR one is about 3/4" narrower than the disco one. Other than that, they are identical.



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