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Where have you put yours?


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Well with only enough room to swing a Mouse, let alone a Cat :blink: Looking for some ideas on how to get the Laptop in the truck cab?

Also....Has anyone had the mis-fortune of drowning there Laptop yet? What ideas have ya come up with to try and prevent this?



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Petals looks like this


Sturman can swing it round or tilt it to show driver whats about to happen - the angle it sits at means that Sturman can get in and out of the cab without hassle and the screen doesnt obstruct the drivers view - power supply is hard fixed to the roof and the laptop is fixed with velcro, when its deep water (1.5m+) then the laptop gets stowed behind the sturmans head - he drowns before the laptop gets hurt (fair exchange I think :lol: )

The mount doubles up as a coffee table/chess board/chart table or can be removed with one wingnut - it was massively expensive (Argos £15)

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I still like the big version as demonstrated by V8Bertha :lol:


Believe it or not this was more reliable than his laptop which had only half the keys working, so he ended up with some slightly random numbers in his fuel map as I had to choose the nearest number key that still functioned :lol:

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I'm pondering the same thing in my car. The conclusion I've reached is that it should be velcro'd to the ceiling upside down, with a fancy graphics driver to turn the screen through 180degrees. The keyboard will be counter-intuitive but for moving-map scenery, how often is it needed? If it gets bad, buy a USB board. When it's not in use, close up the lid and it shouldn't even be very noticeable when the car's left in car parks etc. Obviously for areas like the one where I live, it can be unvelcro'd. The power supply and all the GPS wiring can live above the headlining, and hopefully the hard disc bearings will live with running upside-down.

Now I've just got to get round to implementing it.

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