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Wheel bearings

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Changed all bearings on the defender when I rebuilt the hubs/brakes last winter. I just did a full service last week and noticed they all had play in them, so re-did them. Is that expected? Is it just because I packed them with new grease and now the grease is dispersed or thiner?


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I would say that it's likely that you may need to adjust them, although it's not a hard and fast rule. I doubt very much that the grease would have any effect.

Les. :)

JJ, you didn't say what condition the brearing were in that you took out? :unsure:

It may be worth checking your axle breathers. If you do a lot of wading and your breathers are blocked this can cause a pressure/steam build up and force the EP90/grease past the hub seals and therefore lead to premature wear and tear on the brearings.


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I've pretty much had to adjust my bearings on a running basis. Big tyres and stuff can make it more likley.

there is also an element of bedding in IME, try setting the tightness with the wheel back on - that has really cut down on my needing to do them.

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Wheel bearing and further adjustment are relative to :

1. Tyre size and width

The bigger the tyre both width and height the more strain

2. Offset.

The greater offset you have the more strain

3. Off Roading

Off raod work is hugely harder on wheel bearing life than road miles

4. Quality of the bearing,

SKF TIMKEN etc are going to last IMHO much better than chocolate unbraneded white box stuff

5. Pre Load at set up

If you have any slack when you set them (and the test with the wheel on is a good way) then wear accelerates wear, so check often that there is not any :)



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