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P38 2.5 DT wont rev after engine change.


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I have recently replaced the engine on my P38 2.5 DT. After much jiggering and pokering with the BeCM I got the old girl to start.

There were some faults that appeared on the dash to begin with, EAS fault and CAT overheating. I sorted those but now it appears to be in limp home mode. If I rev the engine it will rev to about 4000 rpm to begin with but then it starts bouncing off some kind of limiter at 2000 rpm.

I have a Hawkeye pro and have been through the BeCM and ECU but can't see any problems.

Any ideas?

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I'd say from reading your other thread before the engine swap, you need to copy the settings out of your old becm using your hawykeye pro? or may need to buy nanocom, or use the old becm and resync the new engine edc using bbs syncmate pointed out a while back.

essentially the donor engine and becm will start and run as edc codes agree, however the gearbox and body options won't agree leading to some strangeness.

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