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Outrigger Blow

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Just got some bad news from Charley the welder who was going to fit the new outrigger, he doesn't have a workshop and says its too big a job to do outside.

He reckons that everything above will have to come off. I didn't realise this and thought you might be able to suspend the body and do the job ?

What exactly is involved in cutting off and replacing the N/S bulkhead outrigger.

Looks like I'm going down to Inverness on Tuesday to try a 4x4 repair garage !

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I did both front outriggers without taking any body work off. It's a horrible job though. Removing the remnants of the old outrigger and cleaning up the chassis is the worst bit. I bought the outriggers that hook over the chassis rail and was able to weld the inside by removing the exhaust etc.

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With the floor panel out and the bulkhead bolt removed a plasma cutter would take it off in a matter of minutes , access with a 4 1/2" grinder is a bit tight

but do-able . Clean up and weld new one on :) . If the support from the bulkhead to chassis is left on the bulkhead shouldn't sag either, and

grease the big bolt when you put it in ;)



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