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Defender 90 service tips


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I have an ex-MOD defender 90 1987 and i'm about to do my first engine oil, gearbox oil (transmission and main) change.......obviously i need the sump plug washers for each and i understand that with the LT77 gearbox you need a small filter as well for the gearbox.

Can i find 1 site that sells all 3 items......NO!

Any assistance greatly appreciated


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Have just serviced my new 110 FFR so still have fond ( :huh: ) memories!

The engine sump has a copper washer - IIRC manual says check on servicing and replace if needed. I got a new one with my filter so replaced it anyway. Could not for the life of me get a torque wrench in there though but tbh can't remember ever using one on an engine sump - just don't so an 'Arnie' on it.

Haven't got to the gearbox yet but I have a r380 so will leave those answers to another.

Good luck!

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