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suffix B to D


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The lay shaft, input pinion, layshaft drive gear, third gear, 3rd/4th synchro are all different. I think the reverse idler gear and its shaft are also different and I suspect they might not compatible with the casing (that's certainly true of suffix A). It's a lot to change unless the existing parts are all scrap.

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There isn't a great deal of difference between the units operationally. I have read many times that the D and later units are stronger, but I don't see why - they use the same bearings and bushes and seem to have very little differences in the gears and synchros, just detail differences that make them incompatible with each other. Obviously, the changes were made for a reason, and the 3rd/4th engagement teeth will be better at preventing a box from jumping out of gear, but the only clear major enhancement is the reverse idler and shaft. Ironically, my Suffix E (factory rebuild) is an A unit with D main and lay shaft components, but the A case can't take the later reverse parts, so it still has the weaker idler bushing rather than bearings.

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