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Gearbox/Clutch Confusion -Series IIA


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Hi guys, a friend has asked me to give them a hand with a clutch change on a 1966 Series IIA

The vehicle is an ex-mod vehicle that started life as a 2.25 petrol and later had a 2.25 diesel from a Series IIA fitted.

She has said that the engine is definitely a Series IIA engine, but the gearbox has the vertical slave cylinder rather than the horizontal type that I thought should be fitted to a IIA - does this mean it's an earlier gearbox or have I got my dates wrong?

Other than the friction plate, clutch cover and release bearing is there anything that should be checked/changed whilst the engine and box are split?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Snagger!

I've just been having a look at the bits required, will the clutch be the 9.5 inch version because of the diesel conversion, or is there a chance it could still have the original 9 inch?

Sorry for the stupid questions, I'm more used to the coil sprung variants!

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Have a look at the Series clutches on Paddocks website - they've got all the alternatives and details of the applications. (Also sell a decent range as well as the cheapies)

The clutch will go with the flywheel - so will be a diesel one. The S3 has a normal car-type withdrawal bearing - so doesn't need the ring over the ends of the diaphragm spring fingers. My guess is that its 9.5 inches - used on most of the S2a diesels.

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