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200/300 rear exhaust parts


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i currently have a 200tdi exhuast system on the 90 and would like to change the rear part of it for the 300tdi setup.

that is replace the current rear silencer section with the rear silencer that goes between and perpendicular to the chassis rails. (in the same place that a td5 fuel tank is.)

So are they interchangeable? Can you bolt the 300 rear section straight onto the 200 mid section?

Where does the tail pipe go from the rear silencer after leaving the box? ove rthe top of the chassis rail and out the side or under the chassis rail?

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cheers Ralph, i expect i can use the old 200 mounting flange and and reweld it around the 300 part expect 1 is 3 hole and 1 is two hole?

Simon, - how much £££££ and will it go onto a 200tdi mid section?

Do you get these made to order, if so then interested eg steel, non stainless, to fit the 200 mid section, above chassis rail, exiting side next to cross member.

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Can't remember the price as it was about 5 years ago but its a Janspeed one and was only about 50 squid more than a genuine parts one. It attaches to the J front pipe/downpipe (still the original one) at the connection just by the transfer box, silencer is behind that and there is another joint for the tailpipe just b4 it crosses over the chassis rail. Think Sc*rp*on do one which looks very similar they may be the stockists/distributors now.

The 300 mounts are only plates with steel bars on to fit the rubber donut hangers, would be easy to self fabricate some to fit an earlier chassis. Anyone want to take some under chassis pics of a 200 and 300 90 to see if the front pipes end in the same place along the length of the chassis???

There are places that fabricate stainless exhausts while you wait (takes a few hours), could do a search to see if there are any local to you...

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Simon - sorry misread your thread before i thought you were making them! hence the Qs.

Tony - just got a new 300tdi back box so will make that fit mine i think. you got any of the 300 front down pipe left? might need it.

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