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Bleeding clutch slave cylinder

Mikey D

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After rebuilding my 300 tdi engine fitted a new clutch and slave cylinder .

Have bled it ,using a one man kit and allso reverse bled using an oil can with tube attached onto the bleed nipple .

I can only get half a pedal tho , ie theres no resistance till the pedal is halfway to the floor . Having said that the clutch seems to work fine .

Anyway any advice would be welcome , cheeers Mike

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Hi Mike,

I always use the Gunson Easybleed which works off the spare wheel. Cost about £20 and I've never had a problem bleeding brakes/clutches on any vehicle I've worked on. I believe the main reason for its success is that it provides a constant flow of fluid whilst the bleed screw is open so there is no way air can get back into the system.

Landroversforever's post means do you have the bleed screw on top to allow the air out.

If you are still having trouble then the master cylinder may be worn and letting air in.



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Make sure the vehicle nose is well up - use axle stands or ramps to elevate the front (if you have to, then park on a moderate slope, but make sure the wheels are clocked and the gearbox selected to 1st before you get underneath). This makes sure the trapped air is the the nipple, not the piston. It'll be fine after that.

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Not touched the master cylinder ,its probably original . For some reason there was some plumbers ptfe tape wrapped round the filler cap tho !

when i was refitting the original slave cylinder the rubber boot was torn and generally looked a bit manky and i pushed the piston back in with my finger .

Anyway i finish the engine install and have no clutch only a pedal stuck to the floor! , so change the slave for a new (lucas)one .

Anyway i will elevate the front end and try bleeding again , if its still the same i will have to fork out for anew master cylinder i guess .

cheers Mike

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