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300tdi air filter mounting and pipework

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Evening all, I'm in the process of trying to sort out a good way of mounting my air filter in the engine bay of the 90 along with the relevant pipework.

The engine is a 300tdi but is mated to the original lt77 gearbox, making it sit 6 inches further to the rear of the vehicle. Due to this, there is not enough space to run the air filter to turbo pipe around the back of the engine like a factory 300 and likewise I can't use the conventional defender air filter mounting tray.

I was going to use the passenger side so that I could keep the snorkel on the passenger side, but since fitting my +2 turrets, there isn't enough room there. To add another complication I'm using the larger Donaldson filter housing as fitted to military wolf vehicles.

So far, my solution has been to move the snorkel to the driver's side and mount the air filter canister on the redundant air-con pump mounts but I am unsure of which way to mount the filter.

I've mocked up a couple of layouts but would appreciate any advice on which may be better, or any other suggestions for that matter.

Please excuse the messy engine may...it's work in progress!

Many thanks,




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Eightpot, that is a good design, do you have any pictures of the mounts you have used?

I went and dug a disco filter housing out of the shed today to see how it fits but annoyingly it's full of holes :(

Ideally I would like to stick with the Donaldson housing because the lid features a rubber seal so it doesn't need silicone to waterproof it, but may use your idea. An added bonus is that the snorkel can stay on the passenger side :)


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I've thought about this as I will be putting a 300tdi turbo and manifold on a 200tdi that sits as far back as your motor. I was going to attempt a 300tdi filter on a bracket secured to top of pedal box and hook up the intake duct to a driver side safari snorkel (much better than passanger side variant!). The land rover airbox is not that bad (at least the one I have), just put a good o-ring for the lid and plug the drain hole - air filter stays dry!

From your picture it looks as though there is enough room for the bonnet to close even with the duct to turbo running across the top back of the Cylinder head? Set up some kind of bracket at the back there to secure the hose in place with a clamp or ziptie and I think that would be quite a tidy set up. THis in a LHD set up with hose over top at the back.


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Eightpot, that is a good design, do you have any pictures of the mounts you have used?

Don't have any photos I'm afraid, but it didn't take more than ten minutes to knock up a bracket with a peice of 25mm angle iron cut and welded to shape.

Incidently, you can also use a Defender canister type air filter in the same spot, again you just need to make up a bracket to hold it in place, and the TDI rubber intake pipe will stretch over the filter housing outlet.

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