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Series 3 build


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I figured i would start a post myself, ive found answers to several questions on this site already and im surprised about the availability of info on these rovers. I recently started building a series 3 land rover for a friend. it is being assembled with parts from both a series 3 and a series 2a. I intend on updating this thread often as i make progress. I have been at it for a month or so, and hoping to have it completed and back from paint within another month or two. I will post questions as they come up, which i am sure there will be many. I am doing this project for a friend and have no background with land rovers so any information on this rover that any of you may have is greatly appreciated! i have done a great deal of research but there are still many things i do not know about this rover!

Here are a few pictures of the rover over the past few weeks. I recieved it in the form of axles mounted underneath a restored frame, 35" BFG Krawler tires, and an unknown height lift kit. the bulkhead and rear body were somewhat mounted on the frame and that is about it. it came with an entire 72 series 3 parts vehicle, and a few pallets of parts for another complete (give or take) rover (series 2a i believe). Also last is a picture of the refurbished head - new valves, fresh valve grind, valve seals, and valve guides. Head also cut down to flatten. (head gasket was blown in several places)






And now for my first question - i have most recently been trying to sort out issues with a heater or windshield defroster atleast. The heater box and blower housing from the donor series 3 were both pretty rotted, and i do not have the heater from the 2a. I think at this point the rover may be left with no heat as it will not be driven except for fun.

However i did notice that there is a heated windshield available for these, and i came across mysterious wires in the area of the windshield! i will include a few pictures of said wires below. Can anyone tell me based on these wires if this rover is equipped with a heated windshield!?



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Welcome to the forum.

Your "lift kit" appears to just be a spring over axle. The springs should be bolted to the underside of the axle not the top of it. The way you have it will cause issues for your steering and transmission. Spring over axle conversions can be done successfully (have a search on here) but generally require a lot more thought than what looks to have been done on yours.

Personally I'd unbolt it and put it back how it should be but it will mean you needing smaller tyres.

As for the wire, it looks to me like it just goes up the centre strip probably to feed an interior light or similar accessory. Heated screens you would be able to see the fillaments in the screen.

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Thanks for the replys. I was aware of the spring over axle conversion on this rover. It does also appear to have an additional leaf in each spring, 1 section in the middle is much thicker and newer looking. I currently have custom superflex driveshafts being made up for it, and i know i will have to modify the crossmember infront of the transmission. Steering has already been set up and appears to work at this height (for now). Returning the rover to stock height is not an option, the owner of the rover wants a big cool looking off road machine, so we will do anything within reason to make everything work at this height. This may include fabricating an entire new crossmember after the front shaft has been put in place

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On mine there was a wire in that area for an interior light, the PO before my granddad bodged it though and just clipped the wire to the front instead of running it through channeling.

What work have you done to the engine? The head looks good :)

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Basically a new top end. Didnt dig into the bottom end as it had near perfect compression.. may regret that later but we'll see. The head was machined flat, valve grind with all new valves, valve guides, and seals. No other engine work done.. i think i would go after a 4bt or even a 6bt cummins swap before any performance mods were attempted on such a tiny little gas engine. But i daily drive a highly modified dodge cummins so im fairly partial in that aspect of performance. I dont think the 2.25 is going to have much luck spinning 35" tires

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Heres one from last night with both fenders mocked up. Had to cut into them to clear the clutch master and brake servo from the series 3. I think the fenders are from a 2a. I made cuts identical to the series 3 fenders on the donor



And heres another shot of that head- valve side


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update on the project. motor is back together and running, rear driveshaft has been completed using a double cardan CV joint, and single u joint pinion side. pinion angle is steep, i had to cut off the old spring perches and weld new ones on. First test drive was successful and now ive begun to piece together most of the remaining wiring.

i have run into a few issues so far, mostly regarding the flashers. I have a hazard switch hooked up, and the entire harness is out of a series 3 rover. is has 2 2 pin flashers, and either the wiring is screwed up, or neither of them works. i have the blinker switch/headlight dip/horn button combination switch, and when i throw the switch the turn signal indicators just stay lit, no blinking. when i check the wiring where the actual turn signal would be with a test light it stays lit as well.

there is a brown wire that comes off of one of the flasher units that goes up into the harness and then comes out with a flat style connector, but it isnt connected to anything. i have tried grounding it and connecting it to 12 volt power, and nothing changes.

ive looked at several wiring diagrams but nothing seems to match what i have going on here.. kind of stumped

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a 6bt wouldnt reliably fit into a swb series,

even in a 90 the prop angles are way too much for their own good. the lift you have and the fact that a series box is very short in comparison to any box strong enough to cope with a 6bt would leave you a little stuck for ideas i fear.

but i do very much like the wheels and tyres!

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