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R380 geabox oil. Strange issue.

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I have an odd issue on a 03 110. During a routine service we went to top up levels in the gearbox and transfer box. Transfer box was low, so topped it up.

Opened gearbox plug and oil came p!$$!%g out. Oil seal methinks. We took off the transfer box and the seals look OK. I have ordered new seals, anything else I should look for?

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So, thanks for the replies. To answer the questions;

1. Breather not blocked

2. Drained everything, no water

3. Gearbox was cold, had been parked for 2 days

4. Car was on a ramp when filled and when checked so pretty level.

Having removed the transfer box it looks like someone had been in there before :unsure: loads of silicone and buff marks on the faces. I have replaced the seal on the transfer side, the old one looked OK. Just waiting on delivery of the gearbox side seal.

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