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Transmission Lubricants

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I have a 1999 Defender V8 110 station wagon, it is essentally a Td5 with a V8 dropped in for export. It is due for a change of oils in the drive train and I have been checking as to the oils I should get. The gearbox and transfer case are sraightforward with Texaco MTF94 and Castrol Syntrax 75W/90 respectively. I could go with Hypoid gear oil for the axles but I have seen a recommendation on this site to use Syntrax instead. Any comments welcome!



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I have stuck with standard 75w 90 oils in both diffs and that has done me several hundred thousand miles without problem. I also change it every 12000. Unless experiencing extreme temperatures hot and cold I don't personally think there is a particular benefit in diffs. I have experienced leaks from the Txfr box since using the Syntrax (have to with the Rocky Mountain overdrive) as it is very thin when cold.

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In extreme heat or cold then a full synthetic has several advantages . i have used Redline synthetic in my diffs on my 110 V8 csw for years . Less drag when cold , copes with high temps better, long service interval. works as a lubricant when water contaminated , as it doesnt emulsify . JMHO

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