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Injector Flow Rate (D18306A)


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I've wedged a 4.0 litre engine out of a 1996 Range Rover into my project 914 Porsche. I'm running a megasquirt ECU and need to know the flow rate of my injectors to calculate the Required Fuel setting. I found the chart shown below but it doesn't include my model of injector. Does anyone know similar specs for my part # injector (D18306A)?




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I think you are far far far too much worrying and over analyising .....

Think of required fuel as how big a bucket you have and fuel filling it ........

.......and the VE table as the hole in the base to the engine...

4.0 Injectors are the same in all hotwires thats 3.0, 4.0, 4.2, 4.6 etc except THOR

Fuel pressure circa 35 PSI via std PRV unit is fine

Req Fuel is only approx, MLV or tuner studio it and it will sort itself out

As a guide go

20 and 5


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To give an even broader idea - the default Chevy V8 map that arrives in the CPU has started & run everything from lawnmowers upwards...

I'm pretty sure 18.13lb/hr is about right, but as Nige says you don't really need to know it to make it run as it's basically used as a constant in the fuel calculations, if it's wrong by X then all that happens is your fuel map numbers end up bigger or smaller by some proportion of X.

Rover V8 into a Porsche, that's so wrong it's right!

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