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Wheel loading rating

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I am looking at (Volvo C303) portal axles with disc brake conversions which put it onto a 5x112 stud pattern. Thus probably fitting Mercedes Alu wheels.

Could anyone tell me how to calculate what load rating the wheels would need to be?

(Relevant figures on request)


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Its just that? static loading. One doesnt need to add something for dynamic loading, or is that accounted for in the wheel specs?

Specs i have are:

Service weight front: 1290 Rear: 1110 kg

Max weight front: 1550 Rear: 1750 kg

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For anything produced/type-approved in Europe in the last couple of decades the wheel-manufacturer will have registered maximum acceptable loadings based on corner-weight and the service they consider the wheel to be appropriate for. Look for "E-in-a-circle", "TuV or "Geprufte Sicherheit" ratings.

As an example: certain alloy-wheels factory-optioned to some 90/110 Defenders are not approved for use on vehicles with heavy-duty/tow-packs and 130-inch variants because of loading.

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Ok, but it doesn't really answer my question.

As long as max loaded axle weight / 2 < wheel rating, its ok?

If the wheel-manufacturer has rated it for that corner-weight, then yes - you're legal as far as basic European road-use type-approval (and UK SVA etc) are concerned.

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If you are using Volvo axles with a disc brake conversion you need to be aware of the location of the bearings in the hub and that the normal Volvo wheel is inset, not offset as any normal 4x4 wheel would be and the corresponding effect of the king pin inclination on the scrub radius and your chosen tyre size. You will have to derate the axle accordingly depending on the offset of your wheels. If you run wheels with a large offset you also run the risk of breaking the front swivel housing just above the bottom king pin if abused hard.

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