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Security Sticker thoughts


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Inspired by Barry's thread regarding his attempted theft, I've been searching the web in vain for a window decal that will alert a would be criminal thinking about breaking into my car to take a look inside to see if he wanted to contend with my Internal security features - namely a pedal lock etc.

Not finding one I put together a quick graphic, and was going to put it out to a few decal makers to see if they could make me a batch of small size internal decals.

Anyone any thoughts on the subject, do you think it might make the average criminal think twice by actually taking a peak in the truck?


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Could be a good idea as the pedal lock is hard for them to notice, before the X-Eng lock I had a bright yellow Adrenaline 4x4 pedal lock ... they didn't notice that either, they were inside and had the ignition on before they noticed the pedal lock :blink: it was after that I changed the door and ignition locks.

Of course we are assuming the scrotes can read.....

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