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Radio Problems

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Hi all, new to here as i have just brought my first Td5.. been in the market for one for ages.

i have been looking high and low on many different forums and havent really found the answers so annoyingly for you guys... im asking the same question again.

My Td5 doesn't have a radio... nothing just an empty dash and no girlfriend to sing whilst i drive.

how to i go about fitting one. i dont even know where to start

i have brought a cd player and a housing bracket to screw into the dash but this is where i get stuck.

speakers will be fine fitting but how to i connect the player to battery and then where is the best place to put the arial?

thanks for helping


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First thing is to look behind the centre panel (the one with the rear wash wipe on etc) and see what's there.

You probably have a radio connector (not sure mine was an iso one though) - you may even have an aerial cable?

Perhaps you can take a look and report back with either a description or photo?

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