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Squealing noise at low speed


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Any loose belts on the engine will squeal, but I found that the belt on my runabout used a scream when I loaded up the electrics (AC, blower on, lights and stereo).

Could be worth checking the belts for excessive deflection (how far you can push the belt with your finger)

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Check the condition of the drive-belts on the front of the engine: if they are slack they will squeal under conditions of high-load (like full excursion of the steering, when the PAS pump is working hard).

Once a belt has been "squealed" a bit, the surface will become burned and polished - reducing its grippiness. Avoid the temptation to wind the tension up until it stops squealing: the excess tension needed can seriously shorten the life of other accessories driven by the belt.

Fit a new belt - and while you're at it check any tensioner-pulleys for 'wobbliness'. If in doubt, replace. They're cheap compared with the 'time-cost 'of being stuck at the side of some remote mountain B-road in the snow at midnight on a Sunday because your old tensioner has just spat all its ball-bearings out.

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