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Partially Working Rear Window Heater

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I am looking for some help with my rear window heater on my TD5 90. Basically it will defrost/demist the bottom half of my rear window, leaving the really important bit frosted up. Has anyone come across this probelem before and is there a quick fix before i go and get fleeced by my local LR Dealer?


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Wot he said, but if it is an obvious break, then the DIY alternative is copper filings mixed with Araldite! Make sure that you use masking take so that it only goes where you want it to or you could end up with a sticky mess!

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My Disco screen is similar, but I tend to forget about it until it is all damp and misted up. Then, when I think I should repair it the dampness puts me off, thinking I won't get a good contact with the silver paint stuff. Plus, of course, finding where the break is located isn't always easy. You can't use a continuity tester for example.

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