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Carbon Fiber... Anything


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I haven't posted on here for a while but I still come by and read the posts.

I'm gathering funds together for a new mountain bike build and thought maybe this would be a good idea. Knowing how crappy all the plastic is on land rover dashes I thought replacing some of the bits that frequently break with carbon fiber would be a good way to go. I have a few off cuts of some pretty high quality carbon (aerospace grade I believe) left over from another project so if anybody would like a piece cut I would be happy to do it for a few quid.

So anything like the fog switch surround, clock surround, custom switch panel, whatever really anything flat I can do. I'd even have a go at making a box too but no promises there!

I'm not looking to make a fortune and would never rip off a fellow land roverer but if I can make someone something nice and earn a few quid in the process then happy days.

I actually build wiring harnesses for F1 cars now, but knowing what land rover wiring is like I'm a little dubious about offering those kind of services on here :wacko:

It feels good to be posting again... Even if I am trying to sell myself

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Well I'm slowly replacing the more cracked bits as I get through them. It would be interesting to know the sort of price difference between a plastic replacement part and a CF version.

Any idea of the sort of ball park prices?

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You must work for beru f1 systems then :) I applied for a job there a few years back before I went into the family firm and became well a hearing engineer. If you see a Rimini red 90 with a black front runner roof rack and puma bonnet give us a wave.

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