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  1. probably not helpful but he does supply them separately. for about £30 iirc.
  2. K seal is brilliant stuff! as it's so obvious that it's been used so you know when to walk away when buying a vehicle. a friend used it many times on his navara due to headgasket failure. he wasn't pleased when he had to then have head gasket sorted, new rad+heater matrix plus oil cooler etc due to being blocked by the k seal.. do it right, do it once.
  3. why does the pump have to be in the tank? cant you run an external inline pump?
  4. come across stripped sump threads all the time at work. we have an oversized plug repair kit that always worked so far. m17x1.5 kit is what you need I believe, also doesnt require drilling. 👍
  5. there a sound company, i should know as i got one of there galvy chassis in my back garden and a bulkhead will shorty be ordered. 👍
  6. this! done this on my old offroader. makes it so easy to work on the hubs/shafts/bearings etc. i have also upgraded my front brakes from solid to vented. you can buy the kits on ebay with everything you need. i decided to go with IRB as ian done me a cracking deal with oem parts for not much more. 🖕
  7. sealey supermig200 for me, its what we have at work, done dozens of hours with it. all on rotten cars/vans. welds sub 1mm.
  8. mines been sat at 1.3 bar at the manifold for the last few years no worries, fuel wound up to match. sould check the egt's but it hasnt gone bang yet so cant be too bad. my old 300 disco on the other hand, only had 20psi gauge and it us go off the scale, they love the boost
  9. ive got a airtop2000 fitted and yet to get plumbed in, ao im at this stage, ive already got the one in your post second from bottom. but not had the corrage to drill the big hole in top of the tank yet.
  10. antivibe flange/tab/tear - Xcess avf/avt super crownwheel flange - Xcess scf crownwheel bolt securer -Xcess cbs
  11. take it duraspec diff is out the equation... anti / shear tear tear tab head lock flange
  12. i reccomended a dixon winch bumper to a mate. was a delay due it being a custom one that had to sit higher to accomendate for the body lift. it also had to have the recovery points mounted lower down to retain maximum streaght duing recoverys. when it arrived look beautiful and fittment was mm perfect so id deffo reccomend any of his work.
  13. i used them back in april for a set of +5 britpart shocks as they were cheapest as they were on offer. ordered on saturday, got email on sunday saying process, another on monday saying dispatched, and arrived couple days later. so id recomend them bases on my experiance. id have hoped for a better outcome for rich as its become public and they've even comment here...
  14. most likley the electronic actuator module. done a few on the 2.2 engines, best off getting a fault code and then having a search.
  15. few things to check if you havnt already is the small pipe to the wastgate hasnt split. if i t hasnt i would use a pump/compressor and gentally pressurise the wasatgate pipe and watch the actuator, it it doesnt move, either its seized in the turbo housing or the diagram has split in the actuator, if its seeized then you need to gentally "work" it. altho not as easy as a 200tdi lol.
  16. cant comment on its history etc, but a customer of our has just got a 09 plate a6 2.7. (very nice btw) came in for a check over and it had a brand new shiney gearbox. only has 65000miles.. also a friend who is a car saleman, had one in a 11 plate passat fail.. £2500 for him to sort. threw it back in auction in the end. wasnt aware its just a prgramming issue? wonder if vag will still warrenty it if vehicle warrenty has ran out as i known fault?
  17. whats the problem with spacers? run mine for near 2years with out any ill effect. can happilty run 12mths with out even touching bearings/kingpins.. looks good. helps steering. helps stabilty. allows alloys on older hubs. only a win win for me.
  18. if your happy to comprimise on desgn very slightly. http://www.4x4tyres.info/landrover-16x7-silver-modular-steel-wheel-5x165
  19. i assume youve done the newspaper test? tbf, an oem clutch isnt far off a electric fan kit. if/when mine starts getting hot, ill be going elctric as my clutch failed after 3 days of owning it.
  20. i thourght the 200tdi has a bolt and a spacer on the side? set pump timing, slacken bolt to remove shim and nip bolt bolt up which holds timing set? we took a (non lr VE) pump to the injecter specilist in swindon who replaced just the nose seal for us. did a good job and cheap. les also highly reccomends him.
  21. if the belt is contamilnated with diesel, then it needs changing, belt with just disintergrate in no time, witnessed it twice. better safe than sorry.
  22. may have the apprentices snap on 40" snap on KRA roll cab for sale soon. cheap as has 2 popped spotwelds but doesnt affect it. with wooden top. in extreme green too is anyone interested?
  23. when you say reconfigured, i assume you mean adjusted to increase boost? need to be more carefull as defenders wont go int limp mode when over boost when compared to discos. when remaped did they surgest what psi to adjust boost levels to and have you got a boost gauge fitted?
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