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Camshaft 3.9 V8


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I have a refreshed 3.9 V8 which I have just about finished MegaSquirting.

Now the Engine has had some work done on it and I have pulled the front off to replace the Cam ect.

The Issue I have is the cam I have is from my old dead 3.5V8. This is an aftermarket cam which was magic in the 3.5 but I have a feeling

that it is not quite right for the 3.9?

is this true?

Is there a 2deg difference?

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Well what cam is it? If it's a stock 3.5 I wouldn't use it in a 3.9, but then I can't really see the point in using a stock 3.9 cam either when there are much better options out there.

Is yours a serp 3.9 or a Vee belt? Not sure, but a nagging thought that at some point the cams aren't as interchangeable.

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I would like to give some feedback about the cam I fitted but my Rangy is not on the road yet to give input.

I got mine from Camtech in Sydney Australia, billit cam and very good price and service.

But like I said did I make a good choice.......only time will tell.

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