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Which bulkheads will fit?


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My 110 is a 1989, originally a TD, now a tdi. I was just wondering what bulkheads would fit it? i.e. 200 tdi will, 300 tdi should? what about a TD5 bulkhead? I'm presuming that i can use my current transmission tunnel, so that bit isnt too important?

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The only main difference you'll get with a later td5 bulkhead is the wiper motor is in a different place, so you standard dash wont fit (so you'll need a td5 style dash)

The transmission tunnel thing is easy as it will either be a R380 aperture which can be opened up to an LT77 size, or it will have an adapter than can be removed that opens it up to an LT77 size.

Also important to note from a certain date I have found that the door hinge holes are set further to the front of the vehicle (in the sides of the bulkhead) I only found this out after not been able to get some later push button doors to fit properly, once I fitted my 03 bulkhead they fitted up fine.... (I'm taking a guess that the hinge position changed slightly when they brought in the more rounded style hinges (the ones with the nylon washers)

Soo a 200, 300 and early td5 would probably do you while keeping the original doors.

With some careful fettling I think you could open up the hinge holes on a later bulkhead to allow you to keep your original doors.

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