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I'm assuming that you got the correct generation of RR wheels, ie. RR Classic. However, they won't fit the hubs anyway because the the hub protrudes too far - it wasn't util the introduction of the 300Tdi that Defender axles were fitted with slimmer hubs and flanges that permitted the use of LR alloys. You need to have the inside of the wheels machined out on a lathe to remove a bit of the taper of the void which fouls the bevel on the hubs between the drive flange bolt lugs - if you clean up the wheels and hubs properly and then put some copper grease on the hubs close to the flange gasket and then try fitting the wheel, the grease will be transfered to the wheel where it is in contact.

Alternatively, 1/4" spacers work, but don't go thicker than that or the nuts won't have enough thread to engage safely. Even then, I'd be wary - I used such spacer on my 109's rear axle (using front hubs from an early 110" for disc brake conversion), but I replaced the studs with the 1/2" longer Wolf studs (which then required the threads in the nuts to be cut further into the blind end of the nuts' insides as the thread ran out before the nuts closed up on the wheels). You will be left with the plastic hub cones protruding through the wheel centres unless you get creative (my shafts had slightly worn outer splines, so I had the flanges welded on, allowing the cone to be discarded as the weld sealed the oil in the hubs).

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