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RRC A frame removal


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Aren't they 29mm or something.

my spanners/sockets don't go that big, so they can't be 29mm as I removed the brackets from my old chassis before it was cut up & scrapped, fairly sure I used my 19mm socket/spanner on them.

the A frame arm to bracket bolts were 24mm IIRC

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I think I need to do this job soon too, I have some super pro bushes in a box ready to fit. I haven't touched the A frame or the ball joint in all the years I've owned it.

Does it affect the drive much when the bushes or ball joint are shot? Also what about that self leveller, is it a bitch to remove & then what, refit it or do away with it? Can't still be working can it, 20 years later? I have soft springs but the back doesn't seem to sag.

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