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wiring head lamps with relays - fusing


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Ok don't panic the title is the simple part I've sussed that bit.

I'm using relays either side of the vehicle for dip and main beam. And I'm tempted to use the relay bases that have a built in fuse.

If I used these for the main fused supply what sort of amps are required here,

And whilst the supply from the switch is protected by another fuse in the main fusebox I'm guessing this one needs to be a lower amperage?

Cheers, just curious as to whether I want to trust the combined relay/fuse holder or have a decent maxi blade fuse closer to the battery.

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Each bulb draws 5A. If you have one relay for dipped and one for high beam, then you need to use 15A relays as 10A will likely blow un-necessarily from time to time. If you have a relay for each function in each bulb, ie four relays, then use an 8 or 10A fuse.

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