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ECU PLUG and Terminals plus other EFI Qs


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Was supoosed to be going out in the 90 today, but had a msifire last night so didn't, had a lay in instead.

Decided to really have a go at tracking the misfire down - started it up this morning and it was pefect :angry:

Tricky job finding a misfire thats not playing :lol:


Yesterday bought a Good cond 3.5 Flapper EFI Harness Loom, and am thinking of :

1 - Either repairing it (few 'wounds') shoving it on and seeing what ???

2 - Using it as a base with help from mates to build a new loom from scratch, using the EFI ECU plug plus Throttle Pot Plug as these are either impossible to get or in the case of the ECU PLUG Fearsomely expensive. Also one mate has worked out that a HUGE amount of wires don't need to be there, so mucho simplier loom too


I understand the ECU Plug is made by AMP ?...anyone got a link to this plug on their (or any other website) as I would like to buy a new set of the non insultaed crimp rermianls for it, don't know what they are ?

Also I had a racer EFI Harness that I gave to my mate, BEAUTIFULLY Made it was, with all the wires covered in a sort of "ultra" thick rubbery Heatsrink material ?...again and names for this stuff / links to websites that sell it ?

Any help would be very graetfully recieved


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You know my immediate thoughts :rtfm: …………….. any flapper loom is going be OLD, regardless of how good the condition is………… it will not last long and you don’t really want to be up sh!t creek without a paddle :rolleyes: ……….. Ok, granted, it may prove a point, and indeed I hope it does, but you need to be thinking long term. ;)

So ……… get yourself a nice big piece of ply and start making a pin board in order to construct a new loom from scratch. I am doing some research for you at the moment and maybe able to post up some links tomorrow with regards to some of the connectors, heavy duty waterproof heat shrink, and pucker non adhesive loom tape.

Unlike your fabricating the loom doesn’t need to be made from 180amp cable ……. :hysterical:


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