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Another one joins the 21st century


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For ages I've been telling myself that the Rangie was just a daily driver and not to be tinkered with beyond what's absolutely necessary.

However, after several weeks of cr*p running for no obvious reason I decided that fitting the MS ECU that's been sat on the desk for months really was necessary :D

This was one of my slower MS installs, it's taken me since about 12.00 including tidying everything up and cooking lunch, a whopping four hours :(

Hardest parts were getting the right adapter for the plenum vacuum feed (it's not metric even though M16 will screw in about 3-4 turns happily) and welding the lambda sensor into the exhaust - the welder and the jack live several miles apart, I could've really done with both together <_< . Ended up using a mirror and colourful language instead :rolleyes:

I've not driven it yet, but it starts and idles much nicer than it used to. It's currently on Dan's fuel map, but having MS in a daily driver should allow me to get some decent datalogging in to fine-tune the map.

Once lunch is finished it's in with the air-temp sensor and then off for a drive to the lab to work on the 109 B)

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Oh blimey... :rolleyes:

Well it drives lovely, I tried it against a few benchmarks on the way home, a steep motorway sliproad where it previously struggled to be doing 50-60 as you joined the carriageway saw me zipping up at (ahem) just over 70 B) without having to try. Also maintains a steady motorway cruising speed uphill and down with no more than 25% throttle, which certainly wasn't the case before. Response is good, idle is a bit rich but that's to be expected. It doesn't randomly try to stall when engaging drive which was the case before.

Starts from cold fine, the fuel map is a bit rich still (+15% in places) but the lambda sensor tunes it out nicely, and if you nail it (in the name of science of course :D ) it goes rich and stays there, which is what you want.

Only adjustment to Dan's map was to add a 1ms priming pulse which causes it to run the fuel pump for 2-3sec when you switch the ignition on, lets you know the ECU is working and fuel pump is OK (Dan's fuel pump is activated by his rear window heater switch :unsure: )

Datalogging has been going on so hopefully a refined fuel map will be along soon - Dan's is still only a map that was thrown in by Dave H for the 109 and tweaked inexpertly by me.

All in all it's wafting along as a Range Rover should - next task is to remove the AFM and perhaps fit a bigger air filter (110 V8) in the space freed up. I do think the Lucas ECU was unhappy and not just the usual level of being a bit carp. I will have it open and see if anything presents itself, if it's terminal it will provide another case to build a patented LucaSquirt into :D

Rog - If I'm oop that way I will try to pop in, I have confirmed what's IMHO the easiest way to wire this lot up to a stock RR loom and will be writing it up when I get a mo'.

I think Markie wins although I'm less likely to be passing on business in France :( more like Swansea at the moment, not my favourite place <_<

There is a backlog of MS builds in my loft right now - Ulf and Rog are front of the queue just waiting for the odd bit or bob.

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Does Bertha drive at the moment then Dan? Bringing her to the club meet tonight? :P

After a small failure to start just now (scrapyard battery not quite as strong as hoped :( ) I have changed the warm cranking pulsewidth to 4ms, hopefully this has sorted it.

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Mark - it looks a total shed right now, I drilled all the spot welds out on the rear wings in preparation for new* ones which I'm about to go and (try to) remove from a pick-up, which will then need cutting down and rivetting to the old tub... eeeh it never ends :rolleyes:

It should be rolling out into the sunshine** pretty soon though.

* = OK, used. I'm not paying £150 a side for new ones!

** = Or p*ss*ng rain more likely <_<

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