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European holiday tour photos


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It's about time I posted up some of my 'More out there' photos. The LR hasn't let me down on local trips for some while, so in September I set off (with my soon-to-be-deaf girlfriend George) to tempt fate; we had a vague plan to see "Yoo-rope", but we'd only booked a ferry to Calais and a return trip back to Dover 2 weeks later. Mostly avoiding motorways, we hit seven countries in 2000 miles.

On the ferry to Frenchland, and onward who-knows-where?


Somewhere in France, heading south and stopped for a turbo-whistle break.


Paris was subjected to "speed-tourism". Seven hours to see as much as we could. Obviously that doesn't mean we could go inside anywhere...

Some scaffolding in Paris, quite tall really.


It seems everywhere we went had a Notre Dame...


The Louvre, avec pyramid.


My beam-benders fell off, so I broke out the gaffer tape and braved the rain to hastily avoid blinding half of the continent.


We stopped at a reservoir for a walk, a pretty and isolated spot.


Some of the incidental scenery was incredible.


We rattled down through France and into Geneve.


Entering the village of Misery, somewhere in Switzerland(?)


Outside the railway station in Zuerich


On the car ferry crossing Bodensee (Lake Constance)


We found some German biodiesel, we got less mpg (but it was hilly), subjectively no difference in power and a different smell at the tailpipe.


Oktoberfest in Stuttgart. Don't remember much else of that night...


Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart. This blue car transporter was used to get the Silver Arrow GP cars to the venues around Europe in the '50s, and seems to have been penned by Gerry Anderson.


We found a gorgeous campsite in a valley beside an abandoned railway, just next to a river.


The Grand Place in Bruxelles


.. and the Atomium.


This is as far as we got into Holland, but since we were so close to the border it would have been rude not to...


Queuing for the ferry home :(


We had a fantastic time and didn't struggle too much with our fledgling language skills. Pleading looks and Euro-Pictionary are a fall-back but most of the time we were actually understood. Or everyone's very polite.

Navigation was occasionally awkward because of the laissez-faire attitude to signage around the world.


I promised I wouldn't put this one in:


... but this restores the balance, since I left the fridge running in Strasbourg.


Overall, an excellent trip. I'd like to do another one a little further afield, maybe spend a day on the motorways first to get through to Spain (and on to Morocco?) or into Eastern Europe somewhere.

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looks like a fun trip.

i seem to remember seeing they built a new one of those merc transporters for goodwood, not that the original plans had survived so they made it up as they went along. from memory its faster with a car on the back due to improved aerodynamics.

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When I lived in Stuttgart I must have gone to the museum about 5 times, its really worth a visit. That transporter is new though as it was never there when I went! Did you go to the Porsche museum too? A small room full of 911s and that was about it! Ahhh the Oktoberfest in Stuttgart. Just like the one in Munich but without the crowds of drunken foreigners. Great memories. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

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A small room full of 911s and that was about it!

Tut tut, there were usually 956's, 962's, Type 718 RS Spyders, RS60 Spyders, 356's, 935's, 904's, 944's and not forgetting the famous Pink Pig! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

You get the excuse to go again as they are opening a new Porsche museum ;);)



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