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Swivel Pin Seal Leak

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This is my first-ish post. Be kind and don't laugh at an amateur's mistakes, please.

I've got a 1994 110 CSW 300Tdi. Lovely!! Had it / him / her (?) for 3 months after buying from a well-known specialist. Perfectly happy!!

I did a 3 month / 3,000 mile oil change last week. I can be rather fanatical over these things. The 110 has a relatively easy life driving 30 miles per day up the M4 to work.

I checked the swivel pin oil level. Top nut and poured in the EP90. Driver's side took quite a bit - quarter of a litre - passenger's side less so.

I've now noticed a dribble of EP90 down my driver's side tyre after every journey - only noticed it yesterday.

Ironically, yesterday was the 110's first trip off-road at a wood in Speen, near High Wycombe. Nothing heavy and only got the tyres muddy.

Without sounding feeble, what's the likely solution here? I guess it's a new seal. Do I get this repaired immediately? I'm not that competent a mechanic, but do want to learn. I've seen the tech-archive thread.

Can anyone recommend a good specialist in the Reading / Camberley area? Yes, I know there's a few, but word-of-mouth counts for a lot.

By the way, I've been looking at this site for 2 months now. Seriously, seriously good.

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If the swivel housings (that's the chrome "balls" for want of a better description!) are in good nick, then you will get away with just changing the seal - as described in the tech archived thread.

If they are rusty/pitted in any way, you may be able to clean them up a little and replace the seal - but it'll be a short term cure.

Personally I use the one shot grease that Land Rover supply for the swivels, rather than EP90. It's slightly thicker than the oil, esp when cold, and tends to stay inside the swivel housing.... combine that with a new seal and you shouldn't get any further problems provided the housings themselves are ok.

If the housings do need replacing, the only ones available now are Teflon coated instead of chromed - just my personal opinion this, but I think the later ones are far better.

In summary - change the seal, use one shot grease, consider changing the swivel housing if badly rusted.


Hope this helps.


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From your description it doesn't sound like the swivel seal at all. If the oil is dribbling down the outside of the tyre then it is the hub seal that has gone. Perhaps the swivels were already filled with one shot grease which is why they appeared to take so much oil at service. None of this helps much I realise. Have a look underneath at the chrome ball and see if that is showing signs of leakage. If so then a rebiuld might be in order.

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The swivel seal leak will look like this picture:-


Jack the wheel off the ground and try to rock it in 6 + 12 position. Any detectable play is usually wear in the swivel pins, which quite often is the cause of the seal failure. If you have one-shot in the housing and it's leaking out, then things are a bit grim. Re building a hub is a very messy job.

110 hub rebuild with Railko type top swivel pin:-


Later type with taper roller bearings top and bottom (disco, but almost exactly the same) :-


Les. :)

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Many, many thanks for your kind help.

My swivel pns are completely un-pitted and very shiny. I understand the seals a fair bit - I designed similar ones for many different applications a few lives ago.

The one-shot grease is a good suggestion. The EP90 is leaking from the bottom of the seal - it's clearly showing after a drive and definitely on the seal face.

Ok, that's clear. Anyone know of a good specialist / mechanic in my area? I've tried one locally and have another in mind, but would really value your opinion.

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do it yourself, you can remove the whole wheel station by undoing the 7? bolts that hold the unit onto the end of the axle, 14mm ratchet spanner is good for this, (if its a reversible only one dont undo too far other wise you wont get the end of the spanner off)

then take the whole lot off, halfshaft will come as well, turn upside down and change the seal from the nback.

i may be repeating whats on Les links - haven't looked.

all you need if jack, axle stand, wheel brace, 14mm, 10mm (i think)

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