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td5 won't start after changing fuel pressure regulator.

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Hi all.

I changed the fuel pressure regulator earlier, and now the thing won't start. I did the priming thing, have checked for obvious screw-ups, changed the hinge pins on the rear door, and the bonnet release cable, and had several cups of tea, but it still won't start! I've had a charger on the battery for most of the day to ensure that it's spinning and glowing as much as it can.

It'll cough over with easystart, but doesn't want to run.

Any tips/tricks/advice etc would be very welcome, as the warehouse is beginning to get pretty chilly, and I can't get home if the thing won't start!


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How many times have you run the priming procedure? I recently changed mine and had to run it three times before it would start. By priming, did you turn key and stomp the pedal 5 times?

Daft question, but did you put the metal gasket on correctly? If it's flipped, it won't line up correctly.

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Everything's assembled correctly, pipes are in the right places etc. and it's very close to starting now. I think everything's ok, it's just taken it's time to prime up - purged it 5 or 6 times, I think my main issue now is just the battery getting low. It came so close last time, but the battery was sounding a bit too flat. The charger isn't a fast one, so I'll just have to wait.

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Simple air lock in the fuel system maybe? Needed the engine running to blow it through... but was a catch 22 as you need an uninterrupted fuel supply to get it started, hence the need for cranking it's nuts of...

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