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Iceland recommendations

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I'm planning to spend a week away with my son when he finishes his GCSEs in a few weeks time and we fancy the idea of a trip to Iceland. I'm looking for recommendations of things to do and see and contacts for motorised and non-motorised activities - all information and recommendations welcome.


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We went last year.

We rented a Suzuki Jimny from BlueCarRental. By renting an older Jimny we saved a good chunk of cash. They picked us up from the arrivals lounge but to be honest their depot is only the other side of the car park.

Obviously stuff is expensive in general.

We rented a really amazing cabin about 2 hours from the airport from Bungalo.is and flew out with EasyJet from Luton.

There is loads to see and do around the west side of Iceland. I reckon every trip should include a trip to the Blue Lagoon. Its stupidly expensive to get in and massively touristy, about £40 each I think but was worth it.

If you want to get into the interior, a proper 4x4 is a legal requirement. The Jimny performed well enough but I would say the B roads are in horrific condition and multiple potholes could have the thing sideways in a way a heavier vehicle wouldn't.

I just wish I could work out how to post some snaps.

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Went a few years ago, with the Mrs. Agree the Blue lagoon is a must, for anyone. Also have a look at the 4x4 tours we took one to the top of a glacia, had a great time, not something I would have attempted in a hire car.

We also did the whale watching, which was very cold and we saw nothing but that's just pot luck.

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Great place to visit. We went last year but only for 4 nights which was not enough.

We went by coach to Gullfoss, Geysir and then bobbed along in the Blue Lagoon, which has poolside bar. Hot springs/cold lager!!

Didn't get chance to go offroad, but want to go back.

Take a light anorak. Its sunny for 2 hours then it rains for 20 minutes, then its sunny again repeating pretty much every day



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